Networked spam-signature detection.

exception pyzor.AuthorizationError

Bases: pyzor.CommError

The signature was valid, but the user is not permitted to do the requested action.

exception pyzor.CommError

Bases: exceptions.Exception

Something in general went wrong with the transaction.

exception pyzor.IncompleteMessageError

Bases: pyzor.ProtocolError

A complete requested was not received.

exception pyzor.ProtocolError

Bases: pyzor.CommError

Something is wrong with talking the protocol.

exception pyzor.SignatureError

Bases: pyzor.CommError

Unknown user, signature on msg invalid, or not within allowed time range.

exception pyzor.TimeoutError

Bases: pyzor.CommError

The connection timed out.

exception pyzor.UnsupportedVersionError

Bases: pyzor.ProtocolError

Client is using an unsupported protocol version.