Pyzor 0.8.0

Bug fixes:

  • Fix unicode decoding issues. (#1)

New features:

  • A new option for the pyzor server to set-up digest forwarding.
  • A new script pyzor-migrate is now available. The script allows migrating your digest database from one engine to another. (#2)

Perfomance enhancements:

  • Use multiple threads when connecting to multiple servers in the pyzor client script. (#5)
  • A new BatchClient is available in pyzor client API. The client now send reports in batches to the pyzor server. (#13)


  • Small adjustments to the pyzor scripts to add Windows compatibility.
  • Automatically build documentation.
  • Continuous integration on Travis-CI.
  • Test coverage on coveralls.

Pyzor 0.7.0

Bug fixes:

  • Fix decoding bug when messages are badly formed
  • Pyzor now correctly creates the specified homedir, not the user’s one

New features:

  • Logging is now disabled by default
  • Automatically run 2to3 during installation (if required)

New pyzord features:

  • Added ability to disable expiry
  • New redis engine support has been added
  • New option to enable gevent
  • Added the ability to reload accounts and access files using USR1 signal
  • Added the ability to safely stop the daemon with TERM signal
  • Split the usage-log and normal log in two separate files
  • Pyzord daemon can now daemonize and detach itself

Pyzor 0.6.0

  • pyzor and pyzord will now work with Python3.3 (if the the 2to3-3.3 is previously ran)
  • pyzord and pyzor now supports IPv6
  • Improved handling of multi-threading (signals where again removed) for the mysql engine
  • Introduced multi-processing capabilities
  • Improved HTML parsing
  • Introduced self document sample configurations
  • Introduced ability to set custom report/whitelist thresholds for the pyzor client
  • Greatly improved tests coverage

Pyzor 0.5.0

Note that the majority of changes in this release were contributed back from the Debian pyzor package.

  • Man pages for pyzor and pyzord.
  • Changing back to signals for database locking, rather than threads. It is likely that signals will be removed again in the future, but the existing threading changes caused problems.
  • Basic checks on the results of “discover”.
  • Extended mbox support throughout the library.
  • Better handling on unknown encodings.
  • Added a –log option to log to a file.
  • Better handling of command-line options.
  • Improved error handling.