Pyzor Accounts can be used to grant or restrict access to the Pyzor Server, by ensuring the client are authenticated.

To get an account on a server requires coordination between the client user and server admin. Use the following steps:

  1. User and admin should agree on a username for the user. Allowed characters for a username are alpha-numerics, the underscore, and dashes. The normative regular expression it must match is ^[-\.\w]+$. Let us assume they have agreed on bob.

  2. User generates a key with pyzor genkey. Let us say that it generates the salt,key of:

  3. Assuming the server is at, the user puts the following entry into ~/.pyzor/accounts: : 9999 : bob : 227bfb58efaba7c582d9dcb66ab2063d38df2923,8da9f54058c34e383e997f45d6eb74837139f83b

    This tells the Pyzor Client to use the bob account for server It will still use the anonymous user for all other servers.

  4. The user then sends the key (the part to the right-hand side of the comma) to the admin.

  5. The admin adds the key to their ~/.pyzor/pyzord.passwd:

    bob : 8da9f54058c34e383e997f45d6eb74837139f83b
  6. Assuming the admin wants to give the privilege of whitelisting (in addition to the normal permissions), the admin then adds the appropriate permissions to ~/.pyzor/pyzord.access:

    check report ping pong info whitelist : bob : allow

    For more information see Access File.

  7. To reload the account and access information send the USR1 signal to the daemon.