Getting Pyzor


The recommended and easiest way to install Pyzor is with pip:

pip install pyzor

In order to upgrade your Pyzor version run:

pip install --upgrade pyzor


The latest version requires at least Python 2.6.6

The Pyzor code will also work on Python3, but requires refactoring done with the 2to3 tool. This has been integrated in the setup, so installation in Python3 now works seamlessly with any method described above.

You can also use Pyzor with PyPy.


If you don’t want to or cannot use pip to download and install Pyzor. You can do so directly from the source:

python install

You can find the latest and older versions of Pyzor on PyPI.


Pyzor Client

If you plan on only using Pyzor to check message against our public server, then there are no required dependencies.

Pyzor Server

If you want to host your own Pyzor Server then you will need an appropriate back-end engine. Depending on what engine you want to use you will also need to install the required python dependecies. Please see Engines for more details.

The Pyzor also support the gevent library. If you want to use this feature then you will need to first install it.